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Different types of fabrics for t shirts


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Different types of fabrics for t shirts

It is important to mention that there are different types of t shirts fabrics. The fabric of the t shirt is going to play a big role in printing. The most common type of fabric that we can use to make t-shirts is cotton.

Combed cotton is softer, stronger and smoother which is good for printing.

Organic cotton is better for the environment. It is also very softer and comfortable than 100% cotton. It is more expensive than 100% cotton.

Pima is the highest quality cotton fabrics. It’s shirt extremely soft and durable because it has extra-long fibers. This cotton is able to resist pilling, fading and stretching.

Bamboo is eco-friendly fabrics for its anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking abilities. Bamboo keeps the body temperature down and is perfect for working out.

Best quality fabrics for t shirt 

Slub cotton have slight lumps in the fabric. These lumps are due to the process prior to weaving the cotton, when the cotton twisted. This unique fabric creates a light weight t-shirt that does not cling to the body.

Linen is another popular fabric which is best for t-shirts. It comes from the flax plant. Linen is a very popular choice for summer wear because the fabric is very lightweight and breathable. It also is moisture wicking and dries quickly. The problem is wrinkle easily.

Polyester is another fabric for t-shirts.  Polyester is very quick drying. it doesn’t require any ironing and is easy to machine wash. It doesn’t stretch.

Basically, We use Rayon for athletic wear. it is a manmade fiber which is created from trees, cotton, and plants. The end result is a silky and breathable fabric and it is extremely absorbent.

Lycra  is a brand name for the material Spandex. Spandex is now using for athletic t-shirts

Modal is a form of rayon made from beech wood plant fibers, and it is extremely soft and breathable. perfect for wearing in the summer. After all, It is shrink resistant and does not pill quickly.

Poly/Cotton blends are so popular for its super-soft qualities and the affordability compared to cotton. This fabric also holds its shape well and is breathable. Poly/cotton blends are commonly used for t-shirts due to their durability. They tend to be less prone to wrinkling and shrinking compared to 100% cotton.

Tri-Blend fabrics are usually made from cotton, polyester and spandex. This is lightweight and soft like cotton. Tri-Blend fabrics can be a bit more expensive than other fabrics due to the higher quality materials used in the blend.

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