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Cotton white hand towels

Hand towel is a small towel which is used for drying your hands. You want something small and simple to keep them dry during and after an intense workout. Whether in your hotel restaurant’s restroom or in the lobby restroom, offering a hand towel is an excellent way to elevate your guest’s experience.

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The Export World is cotton hand towel manufacturers and suppliers in India. We are also wholesale hand towels suppliers and manufacturers. The Export World is the best towel manufacturing companies in India. The Export World is a 100% cotton hand towel wholesale supplier and manufacturer in India.  We export 100% cotton towel from India to Australia, Singapore, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, New Zealand, France, Spain, Czech Republic, USA, UK, Singapore and Australia.

Offering hand towels to your guest with your hotel’s logo is a great idea. Your guests will never forget the luxurious experience. Visitors do not want to dry their face, or hands with their wet bath towel. So, be sure to provide these perfectly sized hand-drying towels in each bathroom throughout the hotel. These products are available in plenty of colors and designs to choose from.

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Hand Towel is a small towel used for drying your hands. You want something small and simple to keep them dry during and after an intense workout. Everybody knows that hand towels are an excellent item for various needs. The truth is, your hand towel has a lot more uses than its name suggests.

On the other hand, If you are not already using towels in your fitness center, you can use hand towels. Besides, You might be surprised how useful a hand towel can be in the hotel restrooms or lobby room. In addition, offering a hand towel is an excellent idea to elevate your guest’s experience. You already know you need to put a hand towel in your hotel in each room. This use of hand towels is quite obvious.

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If you are looking for the best quality, then we can give the best quality cotton fabrics to make your hand towels so that you can use for many days. In addition, We can deliver our products to our clients as per their requirements. After all, We are 100% cotton hand towel manufacturers in India.

Minimum order quantity : 500
Size : As per requirement
Color : As per requirement
Pattern : As per requirement
Fabrics : Cotton
Product code : TEW-129A


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