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Screen printing business at home

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Screen printing and it’s uses

This is the most common t shirt printing method today. The basic method involves creating a stencil on a fine mesh screen and then pushing to create your design on the surface beneath. We will discuss uses of screen printing and it’s cost. You can do screen printing at home easily.

We all know that screen printing first appeared in China. After that, It spread to other Asian countries. After that, screen printing was largely introduced from Asia to Western Europe. It did not use largely until silk mesh was more available for trade.

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Business uses

The screen printing method is ideal to design high-quality t-shirts. The screen printing method gives a unique, cute and impressive look design.

In the sports industry, the screen printing technology is also widely used for designing logos on the t-shirts.

The textile industry probably uses largely of the screen printing technique. In other words, We use screen printing to print on fabrics like cotton, organza, silk and polyester. We use screen printing for upholstery, t shirts, curtains, drapes, cushion covers, bed sheets and bed covers.

Marketing and advertising industry uses screen printing extensively like flyers, posters, hand outs, advertisements. The advertising industry uses screen printing because it generally requires limited edition printing. The costs of printing for small quantities digitally or electronically can be very high. This is very easy and we can do screen printing at home easily.

Most companies use the screen printing methods for mass production today. Generally, this method is suitable for one colour per screen. Actually, it is not ideal for super complex multi-colour designs.

Due to the thickness of inks in screen printing, designs can withstand for long time without losing the quality.

This is the best printing method for large orders. For large orders the cost per unit will be cheaper.

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